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Gregory Horror Show M!A's

JUDGEMENT: Muse is now a judgment boy…but what’s this? Something is different about you…You have the SHAPE of the others, but you still look like YOU…I wonder how your judgment of those around you will change.
Guest: You’re now a guest of Gregory House…unfortunately, everyone wants to kill you…anon specifies your length of stay
Soul Eater: You’re ravenous, and the only way your hunger can be satiated is to devour souls!! I hope no one has a problem with losing theirs to you…
Dead is dead: You’re a dead body? I guess you better stay away from wind and rain…
Blood Letting: You have an overwhelming desire to see other characters blood…Just don’t steal Catherine’s syringe…
Scales of TRUTH: Muse cannot lie for…anon chooses the length of your sentence…I hope you weren’t needing to hide any truths today…
Game Time: You feel as though you MUST play a game with the next 3 people in your ask box…what you choose to play is up to you.
Candle: You now have a wick on your head that MUST stay lit at all times. If it goes out, you can’t move…
Mouse Traps: Suddenly you can’t seem to be beside the person 1st in your Tumblr Crush list without wanting to attack and harm them…Can you overcome your instinct?
Tequila Shots: It seems it was YOU who stole Dr. Fritz’s tequila…shame on you. Now you’re drunk! What a lush! Anon gets to decide for how long…
Mama: Oh my, you’re so old!! To return to your youthful appearance you need to consume 5 souls! I hope you like the taste.
Original Prankster: Even though you like them, you have the overwhelming urge to prank the 3 people that are closest to you. I hope your relationship can stand up to the chaos.
Naughty Nurse: You seem to be in a nurse’s uniform…and your main kink is now blood play…ooo, I guess Catherine has rubbed off on you in the worst way!
Errand Boy: Uh oh! Mama’s mad! You NEED to collect 5 souls for her, or else something terrible will happen. I guess Anon will choose your fate.
Night Cook: You’re obsessed with food. You want to eat it, hold it, wear it, sleep on it…sleep with it…What is WRONG with you!? Anon decides how long this craving lasts.
Sharp-Shooter: You suddenly find that you can’t aim worth anything…you couldn’t hit the broad side of Gregory House even if your life depended on it. Unfortunately, when you try and throw/shoot/hit something, you always end up hurting yourself or someone else that’s nearby.
Fatty Fat Fat: You’re overcome with an insatiable hunger. Your gluttonous nature has you eating EVERYTHING in sight…even things that aren’t food.
Fancy Feet: You’re obsessed with dancing. It’s all you want to do!! You can’t stand still for even a minute…it seems you’ll only stop when you’ve danced yourself unconscious. Umbaba would be so proud…Better hold tight to your soul though.
Only Plated: It seems you have acquired a shiny new gold coating…It’s just so SHINY! Anon will let you know how long you’re stuck with this precious new coat.
Prompt Me: You’re intent on helping any Judgment Boy that you interact with. You’ll do ANYTHING for them. Anything…
Fishy: Every time you interact with ANYONE, you keep reliving or recounting past memories...good and bad!! I hope you had a good childhood, heh heh heh.
Busy Body: You can't stop moving, can't stop talking, can't stop working...you're always on the go go go. Anon chooses how long you're this sad workaholic. I hope your family doesn't miss you.
Swine: Why are you so offended over every little thing? I hope you don't annoy people too much. Anon decides how long you have to stay surly.
Headache: You have something lodged in your head and it causes you constant pain and headaches...the downside is you don't know it's there--you don't even know WHY you're getting a headache.
My Lord: The first person to send you an ask is now your master! You wish to please them and stay by their side at all times. This only wears off when they break down from your kowtowing and kill you!
Fantasy?: You can see everyone's inner fantasies...this may get a bit disturbing so I hope the Anon doesn't make you suffer for too long.
Phony: You impersonate someone to get something you want. If they should find out who you REALLY are, then I would suggest you RUN!
Stitches: You were a naughty muse and your eyes and mouth have been stitched up! Anon decides how long the thread stays in!